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Forex Trading Benefits

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Forex Trading Benefits

Forex Robot Statistics - Part 1

Forex Trading Benefits

Forex Robot Statistics - Part 2

Forex Trading Benefits

Forex Robot Robustness

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Forex Robot Drawdown Analysis - Part 1

forex robot

Forex Robot Drawdown Analysis - Part 2

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Drawdown Recovery

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The Emotions of Forex Robot Trading

What to look for in a Broker

The Forex dealer and IB that you use are also key components in the Forex robot trading world. Choosing the appropriate dealer and using the various perks and services offered by Forex IB's can at times be the difference between success and failure with your Forex robot.

A Forex dealer is the company that holds your money and clears your trades. An IB is the company that refers you to the dealer. In order to entice you to use their services, the IB will offer you various perks such as complimentary robot installation, hosting and cash bonuses on your Forex trades. Because Forex is such a profitable industry for brokers and there is a lot of competition, there are many attractive perks available to Forex traders.

When looking for a dealer it is essential that you work with a well capitalized firm that is NFA or FSA regulated. The safety of your funds is far more important than spreads or trading conditions.

A good way to work with a large, well capitalized firm and at the same time get good trading conditions is to trade your robot with a Forex IB. Among other perks they can reduce your transaction costs by providing you with cash bonuses for every Forex trade you make. For example if they give back .5 pips as a rebate the dealers spread becomes 1.5 rather than 2 when you use an IB. This is a great way to enhance your success with completely free cash.

You can also look at it this way if your robot trades 20 lots per month and you are set up to receive a rebate of $5 per lot, you will get $100 for free every month. This will enhance your trading success and help you pay for various Forex robots and products that you may want to purchase.

Live VS Demo Testing Conclusion