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Forex Trading Benefits

The Right Mindset

Forex Trading Benefits

Forex Robot Statistics - Part 1

Forex Trading Benefits

Forex Robot Statistics - Part 2

Forex Trading Benefits

Forex Robot Robustness

- What is a Forex Robot?

- Why use a Forex Robot?

- Key factor to look for in a   Forex robot

- Testing for Robustness

- Live VS Demo Testing

- What to look for in Broker

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Forex Robot Drawdown Analysis - Part 1

forex robot

Forex Robot Drawdown Analysis - Part 2

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Drawdown Recovery

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The Emotions of Forex Robot Trading

Live VS Demo Testing

As mentioned before you need to back test and forward test your robot. When you are forward testing the first thing you need to do is test the robot on a demo account. However with many brokers the demo and live price feed is going to vary. Therefore certain robots may do well on a demo but not do as well on a live account. Also if the robot trades in a short time frame, execution may be an issue. This is if it stays in trades for under 2 minutes.

Regardless, after getting satisfied with the results on a demo you will need to start forward testing the robot on a live account in order to make sure that it performs to your standards. One of the greatest things about Forex is that it offers you great flexibility. If you want to be super aggressive you can use leverage as high as 200:1. However if you want to be conservative you can trade extra small and open up an account with $250 where the value of every pip is only 10 cents.

To make sure that you complete your testing before putting a lot of hard earned money on the line, you can set up a micro Forex account on Metatrader 4 and trade the EA in an environment where every pip is worth only 10 cents. Many brokers offer flexible contract sizes. This way once you get comfortable enough with your robot you can simply add money to your account and trade it more heavily with mini and standard lots.

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