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Forex Trading Benefits

Forex Robot Statistics - Part 1

Forex Trading Benefits

Forex Robot Statistics - Part 2

Forex Trading Benefits

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Forex Robot Drawdown Analysis - Part 1

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Forex Robot Drawdown Analysis - Part 2

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Drawdown Recovery

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The Emotions of Forex Robot Trading

Key factor to look for in a Forex robot

So how do you decide which robot to choose and risk your money with? This is not easy and chances are it will cost you some time and money finding the right robot for you. There are many things to pay attention to. A lot of the key statistical information can be found in the best Forex robot toolkit. However in this text we will focus on one very important criterion called robustness.

Basically most Forex robots only work well in certain kinds of markets. Some work better in range bound markets while others work better in trending markets. One of the toughest things to do for a trader is to determine if the market is in a range or trending. Many indicators and approaches have been attempted but with very little success. To be successful with a Forex robot you should not give up the gains that it makes during a favorable market when the market is unfavorable.

To clarify this lets use an example. Let's say you have a robot that does well in a range bound market. If the market is range bound the robot will do well for the trader. As soon as the market starts to trend you will run into issues and start losing. To be successful with this robot you must not lose money during the trending market that you made during the ranging market. Obviously this is the opposite for the robots that do well during a trending market.

To make sure that your robot is sustainable you must back and forward test it through all kinds of market conditions. If it sustains it's profitability than the robot can be considered robust. Although you always have to keep in mind that past results are never an indication of future performance.

Why use a Forex Robot? Testing for Robustness